Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Thompson is 10 Months

My best boy is 10 months old.  My how time flies.  

Thompson now weighs about 20 lbs, has two teeth on the bottom, and the top two are just starting to emerge.  He's wearing size 12 month clothing, size three diapers during the day and size fours at night with a Sposie pad for extra absorbency.  He's pulling up on everything, and has even stood unassisted for a few seconds a time or two.  Each time he does, he squeals and looks so proud of himself.  It's adorable. 

It's really difficult to read books to him while in the nursery glider.  He wiggles and squirms until he's halfway off the chair.  I read to him, hanging on to one limb, the rest of his body dangling off the chair.  I usually just give up halfway into the book.  We've now started to read books to him after mealtimes while he's still in his highchair, and it's worked great.  I've been reading this book to him each day, and he loves it.   Every time I bring the book out his hands go up in the air and he gives me the biggest smile.  I think he just really likes to chew on it, but I like telling myself I'm raising a baby genius.   Think I'll be putting this book in his easter basket so we can get a little more variety.

I broke down this month and purchased a play yard for our den. I hesitated on this for a while because they're not cheap, and I felt weird at first about essentially caging our child in something.  He's so fast and in to everything when we're playing in the den.  It was hard for me to get up and run to the restroom or put a load of clothes in the washer without having to dash back into the room and pull him away from the dog toys or our brick hearth.  We've loaded the play yard with his toys and books, and its big enough for me to get in and play with him too.  This thing has been a game changer, it allows me to get things done around the house, while he safely plays with his toys.

Meal times are getting easier and easier.  He's trying new things and is fully transitioned to a sippy cup.  Last week I wrote a post about what he's currently eating.  (You can see it here if you're interested.)  I've also noticed as he's eating more and more solid foods, he's becoming much less reliant on his bottles.  He'll still take a 7 oz bottle in the morning, sippy cups with 2-4 ounces at snack and meal times, but doesn't really want much formula before bedtime. He used to take a full 8 ounces, but these days I usually offer him a 6 oz bottle and he'll take anywhere from 2-6 ounces.  If he doesn't take a lot of formula, I get concerned that he'll wake up hungry, but he's still sleeping until 7 am every morning.

I just can't believe how close we're getting to his first birthday.  In less than two months I will have a ONE year old.  It just seems too crazy to even type that.

See previous month updates for Thompson below. 

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