Thursday, April 27, 2017

The $150 ORC: Week 4

If you've landed here through Calling It Home's One Room Challenge linkup, welcome!  My name is Laura, and I live in Greenville, SC.  I'm a wife, a mother of a precious 10 month old boy, and a small business owner.  I'm so excited to complete my second one room challenge (check out my first here).  I'm working on giving our guest room a facelift on- get this- a $150 budget.  No fancy collabs, no interior designers, no $700 light fixtures, no frills.  Just consignment finds, DIY projects, and a whole lot of elbow grease. 

It's now week four of the One Room Challenge and things are, well, looking a whole lot like they did last week.  Womp womp.  I found two frames that I like for hanging above the bedside tables.  Snagged them this week at Target for $20 a piece.  Now I'm working on figuring out what exactly to put inside of them.  I originally planned on some kind of artwork or print, but now I'm leaning more towards getting two family photos printed.  

I also gave the pulls on the bedside tables another coat of paint.  I didn't love the look of the gold spraypaint I originally used, so I picked up a container of Martha Stewart Gold Gilding, and I love how it changed the look.  They're now a much richer metallic gold color, exactly what I was wanting. 

Here's a quick before and after of the pulls.  Before is on the left, after on the right. 

I also managed to get the window hung above the dresser, and I like how it fills up the wall.  I used a french cleat to hang the mirror, which I had never used before.  I was a little nervous hanging something so heavy on the wall, so I love how secure the french cleat is. 

Pillows are on order through Wheaton Whaley, and I should get them in next week! They were a little out of my budget (considering I now have less than $1 left, ha!), but I've bartered with Elizabeth. I have a jewelry business, and Elizabeth is one of my most loyal customers.  I've agreed to do a few custom pieces for her in return for the pillows.   

Here's a quick estimation of what I've spent so far:

  • IKEA Rast bedside tables: $70
  • Curtains: FREE
  • Chalk Paint for tables: $3.50
  • Two additional bin pulls: $7.00 (already owned the other 4)
  • Old Window: FREE
  • New white outlets, switches, and covers: $8.00
  • Old book for wreath: $.50
  • Liquid Gold Gilding: $5.00
  • Lamps- FREE (repurposed from another room in our house)
  • Bedding- FREE (using what we already had in there) 
  • Picture Frames for above bedside tables- $40
  • Curtain Rods- $11
  • French Cleat for hanging window- $4


Here's what I still need to do:

  • Hang curtains and blinds (I have both in my possession, I'm just dreading this part)
  • Throw pillows for the bed
  • Print pictures to put in gold frames
  • Sell something from the room so I have more money to spend! (I'm allowing myself to consign anything that's been in that room, and use that money to put back in the space)


  1. Love the idea of family photos! If you have family photos showcasing Greenville that might be a neat way welcoming your guests to your town/area! Just a thought! I also put brochures from our visitor center about our town in ours if you are needed something free to use as decor on the tables, too!

  2. It's really coming along! I have those same picture frames from Target too, and I think they're great! I love this series. It's attainable, but you are still improving your space and providing inspiration!


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