Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Thompson is Eight Months

Checking in for my monthly blog post (insert monkey covering eyes emoji).  I hate that I have only been posting on a monthly basis, but at least these updates have given me a reason to maintain some kind of presence on this blog.  This post is also coming in about 2 weeks late, but better late than never, right?

Thompson is now 8 months old and just over 19 lbs. This month he's battled cold after cold after cold.   I feel like he's had a stuffy nose and cough for the entire month.   Since it has been going on for so long, I finally took him into the pediatrician the other day to get checked out.  Everything looked good, no ear infection, oxygen levels were at 100%, no fever, etc.  They just advised me to do all the things I had been doing, humidifier at night (this one), saline and suction, and raising his mattress slightly on one side in the crib.  Thankfully it doesn't seem to bother Thompson too much, but I can't wait for the warmer weather to get here so these colds aren't floating around anymore.

He's still wearing size 3 diapers, and has been since October.   The size 3's fit great, but weren't providing enough absorbency throughout the night.  We started putting him in a size 4 at night along with a diaper booster, and it worked like a charm.  If you haven't heard of these, diaper booster pads are the bomb.  They just go in with the diaper and provide an extra absorbent layer throughout the night.

I mentioned in his 7 month update that I thought that month would be the when he started to crawl and got his first tooth, and I was right!  We went the entire month without seeing much progress on either front, but just days before he turned 8 months, he sprouted his first little tooth and mastered the army crawl/scoot.

I'm still pumping and supplementing with formula at this point.  I pump twice a day which yields enough milk for 50% of his bottles, and I supplement the other 50% with formula.   He's also switched to a new schedule through Moms on Call, which slightly reduces his milk intake each day.  He gets one 7 oz bottle in the morning when he wakes up, and one 8 oz bottle when he goes to bed.   And throughout the day he gets sippy cups with 2-4 oz of milk in them.   I use the Avent My Natural Trainer Cup, and he's adjusted really well to it. This cup comes with both a nipple and a sippy cup top, so it's great for transitioning babies from bottles. I usually have to help him with the last little bit of milk in the cup, but he's getting better and better with it each day.  He also now holds his bottles when we give them to him in the morning and at night.

While the 50% supplementation has been working great at this point, I know that month 8 will be my last month of pumping.  I've pretty much reached my limit with it,  so I'll start the weaning process soon.  Since I'm down to two pumps a day I'm hoping it won't be too difficult.

Thompson has also started to eat a few finger foods at snack time.  His absolute favorite snacks are yogurt melts, in any flavor.  If I put yogurt melts and puffs out on his tray together, he'll eat around the puffs and get all of the yogurt melts out.  And then throw the puffs on the floor for George to eat.  
I've gotten him to eat a few pieces of mango and avocado, but the yogurt melts are definitely his favorite.  Hopefully this month he'll start loving another food with a little more nutritional value.  We try something new each week in hopes that I'll discover it soon.

Two of Thompson's favorite toys this month were his wagon and his swing.  We've had several warm days this month,  so we've actually gotten to get outside a bit.  I have a feeling we'll be using both of those on a daily basis once springtime comes.

And that's it for month 8!  I can't believe I'll have a 9 month old in just a few short weeks.   Man this first year is just flying by!

See previous month updates for Thompson below. 

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