Friday, November 11, 2016

Thompson is Five Months

Our little guy is now five months, and well on his way to six... this post is a few weeks late.   He now weighs 18 lbs, and is wearing 6 month clothing and size 3 diapers.  This was a big month for this dude.  He really seemed to grow up a lot during month five.  I'm still following the Moms On Call schedule, and we decided to switch him to a new schedule at the end of this month.  The first week was rough, but I think he's finally getting used to everything.  He was getting to the point where he was waking early from his naps, and having a hard time going to bed each night.  So, we decided it would be best for him to move to the next schedule where he drops a nap and a feeding.  He still gets the same amount of milk during the day, it's just spread between four bottles instead of five.

I also wanted to share my love for these white baby onesies really quickly.  I ordered the newborn size for Thompson's one month photos, and he's been wearing them for every photo since.  They're really soft and super stretchy, so they're going to fit him at least through his 6 month photos.  The boy wears 6 and 9 month clothing, but somehow can still fit into these newborn onesies.  If you're thinking about doing monthly pictures for your baby, I'd highly recommend them.

He's becoming so much more interactive with us, and has a few toys that he loves.   We can get him to laugh every time we fake sneeze and fake cough for him.  It really gets him going.  His favorite toys are a Taggies Ball, Sophie the Giraffe, and an Oball.  We haven't seen or felt any teeth yet, but he's a chewing and drooling monster.  I picked up two of these bandana bibs this week in hopes that it will help to catch all that drool.  He loves sitting in the Bumbo, and has also started sitting his his Ikea high chair with a cushion.

We got the go-ahead from the pediatrician to start solid foods at five months.  So, just a couple of days before his 5 month birthday, we started him with sweet potatoes and he loved them.  He has been so curious about what T and I are eating, always intently looking at us while we eat.  We're waiting a few days in between foods just in case he has any reactions to them, but we plan to try banana, avocado, squash, and pears soon.  I've been making all of his baby food using a Baby Brezza,  and freezing it in ice cube trays for future use.  I also love these Oxo baby food containers.  They can go straight from the freezer to the microwave, are BPA free, dishwasher safe, and don't leak.

For the last few days, he's started preferring to sleep on his tummy.  We'd been using Merlin's Magic Sleep Suit each night, but that is only intended for back sleeping.  So now that he's switched to his tummy we had to drop the sleep suit.   Within 24 hours Thompson changed schedules, dropped a bottle, dropped a nap, went from back sleeping to stomach sleeping, lost the sleep suit, and we introduced solids.  And I must say, he's handled it like a champ.  I'm still getting up with him a couple of times each night to put the paci back in his mouth, but each night gets better and better.  I'm also still getting used to the idea of him sleeping on his stomach, and I get up several times throughout the night to check on him.

I sound like a broken record here, but he's such a great baby, and every month just seems to get better and better.   I remember feeling the same thing with my first niece Camille.  Feeling like each new month was even better than the last with her. Getting to see a baby grow physically and mentally, start to recognize you, cling to you, and laugh at you are some of the best feelings I've ever felt.

See previous month updates for Thompson below. 

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