Sunday, April 2, 2017

Feeding A 10 Month Old

Once Thompson reached about 8 months, I started introducing a few finger foods for him to eat at snack times and meal times.   At first it was really fun getting him to try new foods, but after a few weeks, I quickly got discouraged.   I felt so bad feeding him the same 5 foods over and over and over.  I wanted to give him variety, but I just couldn't think of any new foods that would be safe enough to eat, nutritious, and filling.  He's just reached 10 months, and I think I finally have a pretty good handle on finger foods for baby.  For lunch and dinner, I will typically first give him a fruit/veggie pouch, and then give him more finger foods.  The pouch should give him the nutrients that he needs, and then the finger foods can give him the calories and carbs to fill him up.  I mentioned in a previous post that I really like these Pouch Toppers.  The toppers allow Thompson to feed himself the pouch, but if he squeezes it too hard it won't come squirting out everywhere.  I also have just transitioned to the Munhckin 360 Trainer Cups, and love them.   It only took me a day to get Thompson transitioned to these cups.  They're great for preventing spills, and easy to clean.

Here are some of my current favorite ideas.

Morning Snacks: 
-Cheerios (regular or honey nut- check with your pediatrician first, but ours said honey nut are okay because the honey is cooked)
-cut up grapes
-berries (cut up to small bite size, he likes strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries)
-wheat toast (You can give this in bite sized pieces, or in long thin strips so that they can hold it, just depends on what your baby does best with. I also only use wheat bread, don't want him getting used to white)

Lunch Foods: 
- peanut butter toast- (once again, check with your pediatrician first, ours said it was okay to introduce PB after 6 months)
-quesadilla (small flour tortilla, with shredded cheese microwaved for about 20 seconds and cut up into bite-sized pieces,  you can even add finely chopped spinach in)
-scrambled egg (I usually cook this well in coconut oil and sometimes add a little cheese, some doctors recommend only giving babies the egg yolk, but our doc gave us the go ahead on the whole egg)
- hard boiled egg (cut up into small pieces)

Afternoon Snacks: 
-canned corn (I give right out of the can, I usually buy the no salt added)
-canned green beans (you can give them right out of the can, I usually buy the no salt added)
-chopped ripe tomatoes
-chopped ripe avocado
-canned mandarin oranges (give these in small amounts because the citrus can cause diaper rash)
-cucumber (remove the rind, can be given in bite-sized pieces or in thin sticks)

Dinner Foods:
-pasta with butter or marinara (I like 100% whole wheat rotini)
-cheese quesadilla
-cheese (either shredded cheese, or a semi soft cheese cut up into bite-sized pieces)
-black beans (these need to be cooked, not right out of the can)
-cooked zucchini or squash (cut up into bite-sized pieces)
-cooked carrots (cut up into bite sized pieces, make sure you cook these until they're very soft)
-scrambled egg

If you have any other ideas, I'm all ears!  Always looking to introduce more to his diet.


  1. Fruit and cheese, strawberries are looking yummy lately and starting to come out... smoothies are fun, what about energy bites? I have a few recipes for them....

    1. I'm looking forward to the warmer weather and more in season fruits and veggies. Energy bites sound great, I'm going to your blog now to check them out!

  2. Great ideas! I need to get tortillas and try quesadillas. We do zucchini cut into strips and steamed as well as carrots pretty regularly. She also likes cantaloupe and watermelon chunks she can grab and bite off. I am always looking for new foods to add to the rotation. She drinks a kale and fruit smoothie every morning with me and we share leftovers for lunch but dinner tends to get me stumped since she eats before us.


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