Thursday, April 20, 2017

The $150 ORC: Week 3

If you've landed here through Calling It Home's One Room Challenge linkup, welcome!  My name is Laura, and I live in Greenville, SC.  I'm a wife, a mother of a precious 10 month old boy, and a small business owner.  I'm so excited to complete my second one room challenge (check out my first here).  I'm working on giving our guest room a facelift on- get this- a $150 budget.  No fancy collabs, no interior designers, no $700 light fixtures, no frills.  Just consignment finds, DIY projects, and a whole lot of elbow grease. 

It's week three of the One Room Challenge, and things are finally starting to come together.  Furniture is moved around (most likely in its final position), ceiling fan installed, and new outlets and plates are installed. Last week I shared a peek at the Rast bedside tables that I chalk painted a milky blue color.  Those tables now have lamps on them (swapped out w/ the ones from our foyer) and I'm starting to brainstorm what will be going on the wall behind them.

I had originally planned for an old window to be hanging above the bed, but I changed my mind on that this week.  I love the look of a dahlia wreath, and I found a DIY tutorial for this one on Pinterest, and put it together in less than two hours.  I love how it turned out! The whole thing cost me about 50 cents to put together, the only thing I had to purchase was the old book.   Other than that it called for a piece of cardboard, glue gun, and a paper cutter.  The window will now most likely go above the dresser on the adjacent wall.

I'm able to use the bedding that's always been in the room.  It's a beautiful grey quilt with white pom pom trim that I got during the Nordstrom sale.  I love how oversized the quilt is (I ordered a king for a queen bed), and that pom pom detail is my favorite.  I've started the process of working with my girlfriend Elizabeth of Wheaton Whaley Designs for some pillows for the bed, too!  Everything in here is so neutral right now, so I can't wait to add a bit of color with some fun pillows.

Quick side note: I help her with a lot of the photos for her Etsy site, so you may recognize the bed and bedding in her listings, it's the very guest room I'm redoing!

These lamps are from Hobby Lobby, and are still available in the store.  They go 50% off pretty frequently, which I think brings the price down to $30 per lamp.  We've had them in our foyer for about a year, and I get compliments on them all the time. 

To be honest, I've hit a little bit of a rut with this room.  I'm afraid that it's turning out to be way too rustic.   I do love rustic accents, but it's more my taste to incorporate a few rustic details with some bright feminine touches.  As of now this room has none of that, so I'm trying to figure out what I can do to liven it up a bit.

For starters I don't love the color of gold that the drawer pulls are on the bedside tables.  (Well, I don't love the pulls in general, but it's probably too late to switch them out completely.)  So I'm going to try to hit them with a coat of a brighter shinier paint and hope that makes a difference.  I've ordered this liquid gold gilding, and I hope that I like the color of it better than what's currently on the pulls.  I'm also thinking that using bright fun throw pillows can add something to the space.   These Kate Spade dalmatian print pillows aren't necesarrily bright, but they are fun, and I'm thinking about pairing two of these with a brighter fabric for the pillow situation.

This photo was taken from Wheaton Whaley's site, I don't have these in my possession yet. 

I've had this gold sunburst mirror forever, and was considering selling it because it's been sitting under the guest bed for almost two years.  Now that I'm working on including more bright gold in the room, I'm considering using it on one of the walls.  I just propped it up for a quick photo, but I actually like how it looks layered on the window. We shall see!

Here's a quick estimation of what I've spent so far:

  • IKEA Rast bedside tables: $70
  • Curtains: FREE
  • Chalk Paint for tables: $3.50
  • Two additional bin pulls: $7.00 (already owned the other 4)
  • Old Window: FREE
  • New white outlets, switches, and covers: $8.00
  • Old book for wreath: $.50
  • Liquid Gold Gilding: $5.00
  • Lamps- FREE (repurposed from another room in our house)
  • Bedding- FREE (using what we already had in there) 


Here's what I still need to do:

  • Hang curtains and blinds
  • Buy curtain rods
  • Figure out where the old window will hang
  • Art/photos hung above the bedside tables
  • Throw pillows on the bed

Things are definitely starting to shape up, and I already feel better about it all after writing this post.  Funny how that happens.  Sometimes you just need to put to all out there! Let's hope Week 4 is a productive one. 

You can view progress from previous weeks through the links below. 


  1. You're really pulling things together! I think a solid pop of color would look really nice with those dalmatian pillows. I can't wait to see what you choose :)

  2. I love how it is all coming together! I am going to have to attempt that wreath soon!

  3. So smart to do things on a small budget. Have you looked into using pipes for a curtain rod? That may be cheaper.

  4. Your room is looking great so far! I love the way the sunburst mirror looks layered on the window too, what a happy accident! Best of luck!

  5. Um I adore everything here! Lovely! Way to go!


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