Monday, July 29, 2013

Weekend Recap

This weekend my mom's side of the family all got together at our lake house for a weekend in the sun. I was able to take off work on Friday, and having a long weekend to spend with family was glorious. All of the women in my family are great cooks, so when we get together the eating is goooood.  Thursday night a Low Country Boil was on the menu.  It is such a perfect summertime meal, especially when it's served with a side of juicy watermelon.

Friday night my contribution was Tomato Pie. I submitted this recipe to FĂȘte Greenville, an online publication about Greenville, SC, and it made it into their July issue. See the recipe here and here (p. 41).  Everyone in my family loved it. 

We've had so much rainy weather this summer, and its really taken a toll on my tan for the season.  I tried to spend as much time as I possibly could laying around in the water soaking up the sun.  My parent's Jack Russell terrier Tipsy loved it, too.

After bobbing around in the lake for a few hours, we decided to take a pontoon cruise for a change of scenery.  Here T and I are with my sister April and her husband Ian. 

We had such a great time with family this weekend.  I love that we are all able to get together for a weekend in the summer. 

T and I got back to Greenville late afternoon yesterday, and went to a birthday party for our friend Nick.  We grilled hamburgers and hotdogs and washed them down with some ice cold Coronas.  What a perfect way to end the weekend.

Have a great week everyone!

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  1. I happened to run across a pic on Pinterest and it looked familiar, I realized it was you and we are using the same photographer!! I'm going to go look at all your wedding posts now. I am thrilled to be using her!


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