Friday, July 12, 2013

Five On Friday

We're just a couple of hours away from the weekend, and I truly cannot wait.  The week after holiday weeks are always such a tough realization.  Why can't we work three day weeks every week?  I'm joining up again with some of my favorite bloggers for the Five on Friday Linkup, so here goes!

{one} Green Smoothies- I've really been getting into green smoothies for breakfast.  I typically have a traditional smoothie with fruit, soy milk, and Greek yogurt, but this week I've had a really fun time playing around with other not-so-typical ingredients.  Next week I'll be trying this recipe from Real Simple's website.

{two} J. Crew popover- Are you thinking that I posted about this last week?  Well I kind of did, but this is a different cream popover from J. Crew Factory.  I bought two different styles with plans on only keeping one, but they both fit so well and are so versatile (and machine washable) that I decided to keep both.

{three} Pool Time- T and  had big plans to go to the lake for the weekend with friends, but we decided to cancel because the weather is looking iffy. I do however plan on spending lots of time at our pool.  One of the few perks of apartment life is the outdoor amenities, so I try to take advantage of our great pool as much as a can. 

{four} La Croix- I've recently been trying to drop a few el-bee's, so I've been making some modifications to my diet.  I'm trying really hard to cut out diet soft drinks, but I just can't get jazzed about water.  Last weekend I bought a pack of La Croix, and I've been loving it.  I love drinking out of a can, and I love the hint of flavor that it has mixed with some bubbles.  It's still calorie free, artificial sweetener free, and sodium free so I don't have to feel any guilt when throwing one down at my lunch hour.

{five} Tomato Pie- One of my family's recipes, Tomato Pie, was featured in a local publication!   Fête Greenville is an online publication that highlights places to go, people to see, and other great things about Greenville, SC.  Their July issue features a recipe made from local tomatoes, and they picked mine!  Check out  Fête's July issue here.  The recipe is on page 41.

Have a great weekend!


  1. July 25-27, the businesses on Augusta Rd are having some events called "Summer on Augusta". One of the events is a tomato pie contest! I think I am going to enter- you should too!! :) I think my husband and I lived at the same place as you several years ago! Fun!!

  2. I have that top as well! I have worn it so many times already. Love it!


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