Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up

Happy Tuesday everyone!  T and I had such a great weekend in Greenville.  This was our last weekend with no plans until mid October, so we savored every minute. Friday night was low key with a frozen pizza and a movie at home.  We ventured out after dinner for a McDonald's ice cream cone.   I've recently become addicted to these things.  They are surprisingly low in calories, 170 to be exact, and only $.75 each. 

Saturday morning T played golf with a work buddy while I relaxed at home.  He brought back lunch from my favorite Vietnamese place, Mekong.  We shared Pork and Shrimp Spring Rolls, Braised Pork Bahn Mi, a Duck Bun, and Crispy Chicken Wings. I love all of the fresh ingredients that Mekong uses.  They grow their herbs out back in the parking lot.  How cool is that?  Not to mention this place is cheap.  All of this was around $15.00. 

Saturday early evening we headed to Quest Brewing's grand opening celebration.  T and I tried out Quest's beers earlier that week at the Community Tap, and loved them. 

I had no clue that there were going to be so many people there, and honestly I don't know if Quest had anticipated this kind of turnout either.  THIS is what one of two lines looked like to get a beer.

But waiting in that line was well worth it.  We were super impressed with their beer selections.  I loved the Belgian Pale Ale and T loved the India Pale Ale. Quest is definitely not shy of hops, and neither are we.   They also had a Smoked Porter and a Coffee Stout for the dark beer lovers.    

Two of Greenville's food trucks, Asada and Neue Southern were both out serving food in the parking lot which was a great accompaniment to our brews.  The weather was a little iffy, so they moved the band into the brewery warehouse area where the large vats of beer are.  On sunnier days they've got a great stage for outdoor music.  We had a great time touring the brewery and listening to music.  I can't wait to go back later on this summer! 

Have a great week everyone!

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  1. Dangit, I wish I didn't know about those cheap ice cream cones from Mickey D's...I drive by one on my way home from work everyday.. :)


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