Friday, July 5, 2013

Friday Five...Hey, Hey, Hey

Happy Friday everyone.  To those poor souls at work, I feel your pain.  To those who have the day off, I'm super jelly.  Once again I'm taking part in the Five On Friday Link Up from A. Liz Adventures, Carolina Charm, Hello! Happiness, and The Good Life Blog.  Here are my five favorites for this week:

{one} Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke.  This song makes me want to get up and dance like no other. It came on the radio this morning and got me in a great mood before work.  It takes a lot for this girl to dance at 8:30, but Robin Thicke and Pharrell do it to me every time.

{two} Pool Weather- Even though there was an 80% chance of rain yesterday, we still managed to get quite a bit of pool time in.  One of my best friends Maggie has a pool at her parents' house that we've hit up quite a few times this summer.  What's better than a relaxing day off of work spent by the pool?

{three} Short Short Jorts- Nothing screams America like a good 'ole pair of cutoff jorts.  I scored these Paige jean shorts years ago for a killer deal and they are still some of my summertime favorites.  

{four} I've been on the hunt for the perfect cream shell and I think I may have just found it.  I love the color and fit of this J. Crew Factory Sleeveless Popover.  And to make the deal even sweeter its machine washable and dryable and on sale for $29.50 right now.  I just received mine in the mail this afternoon and can't wait to try it on when I get home.

{five} Okay I know I'm super late to get on the New Girl train, but I'm finally on it.  New Girl was just released to Netflix Streaming last week, and T and I are already way too many episodes in.  T was dubious at first, mainly judging the show by its name, and thinking it was going to be a "girly" show.  But after the pilot episode we were both hooked.  

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Blurred Lines may be the catchiest song ever. Sometimes when I get cranky I play it --- instant cheerer upper! And we love New Girl too! Hope y'all had a good 4th!

  2. I have the J.Crew sleeveless popover and it is PERFECT. There are so many ways to wear it and it literally goes with everything! Also, Blurred Lines is my faveee song right now.


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