Thursday, August 1, 2013

American Roadside

This week T and I tried out American Roadside- a new burger joint downtown.  We were trying to be good this week and not go out, but after one two glasses of wine at happy hour cooking dinner was the last thing I wanted to do.  So, we finished up our drinks at Devereaux's happy hour and walked over to American Roadside.  We ordered our food up at the front, and sat down in their bar area to get a drink.  We later found out that the bar area is full service, so we'll take them up on that for the next dinner there.  They serve beer and wine only, and have somewhat of a limited selection of each.  They do offer their signature beer, called American Roadside Ale, or something like that, for $1.95 per pint.  Typically restaurants get PBR or Natty Lite and then just slap their label on it, but American Roadside actually brews this beer. 

For entrees T had the Roadside Rally, a double cheeseburger with chili,mustard, onions, and slaw.  I had their burger of the month, the Bam Bam Burger, that had grilled jalapenos, bacon, pepper jack, and honey mustard.  T's was really, really good.  I was  hoping that mine would be spicier than it was.  You'd think something with pepper jack and jalapenos would light you up, but it really didn't have that much heat.  The flavor was still good, just not what I was expecting.  So, I talked T into trading burgers after we each at half of the one that we ordered.  What a good husband he is!

We couldn't decide between tater tots, onion rings, or slaw, so we ordered all three.  And they were all awesome in their deep fried goodness. The onion rings came with a horseradishy sauce, similar to the dipping sauce for Outback's Bloomin' Onion.  Fries and tots were crispy and had great flavor.

We were very impressed with the service and food at American Roadside, and we will be back again soon.  I do want to try out their lunch special, a burger, fries, and fountain drink for $6.95.  Wonder if they'd ever do a lunch special with burger, fries, and a beer?  Now that would be a deal I could not resist!

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  1. Mmmm this sounds yummy! I would love to have either of those burgers right now.


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