Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Old House Salvage

On Saturday morning T and I ventured out to Piedmont, SC to the Old House Salvage yard.  I've been looking for some reclaimed wood for a house project and after doing some research Old House Salvage seemed to have the biggest selection.  I had never been to a salvage yard before, so I had no clue what to expect.  When we pulled up and saw the huge metal structure filled with old wood and flooring, we knew we'd be coming home with something.

There were several different areas to explore at the salvage yard.  There is a main building that looks like an old house that is closest to the parking lot, so we went to that area  first.  Inside the building they have all different kinds of goodies.  There were old columns, hardware, hundreds of old doors, windows, shutters, mantels, etc. Nothing has a price tag on it; everything is up for negotiation.  There is a friendly old man, Joe, who walks around that owns the salvage yard.  When you see something you're interested in you just find Joe, and he'll tell you the price.  He'll usually tell you a story about the particular piece you're looking at, too.  There are thousands of different things in that house, but somehow he knows where just about everything came from.


We then ventured outdoors to look at some of the wood for sale.  We also met Mugsby, the sweetest junkyard dog probably ever.  A HUGE Great Dane that was so kind and gentle.  We told the owner what we were looking for and he directed us to another side of the property where a large pile of old beams were laying.

It was exactly what we needed.  3"x10" beams from a house built in the late 1800's.  We found one that was about 12 feet long, and it was priced at a whopping 5 bucks.  SOLD.

We also walked away with a few rusty metal objects to fill an apothecary jar that we keep on the dining room table. Over the past few years we've found several railroad ties and small metal objects on the Swamp Rabbit Trail.  I had those in the jar, but it didn't take up enough space.  I found an old rusty tin doorknob and an old door slide that filled the jar perfectly.

We'll have to wait for the wood to dry out a bit before we start on our project.  Who knows how long it has been laying out in the grass.  By the looks of the weeds that were growing around it, I'd say quite a while.  I eventually plan to make a small table that looks similar to this one, I hope it's a simple as it looks! T and I had so much fun piddling around there. We will be back again soon, I'm sure of it.


  1. Good for you! Places like that are chunk full of possibilities. We have windows for yard art and made a headboard from an old door. The windows were free...found them on a curb. The door was $8 at a rescue mission. Can't wait to see your finished creation.

  2. What?! What a treasure chest!!

  3. My husband and I have been out there before looking for a church pew. What a neat place!

  4. This place looks awesome!! We are definitely going to have to pay the Old House Salvage a visit!


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