Friday, April 11, 2014

Five on Friday

It's seems like its been forever since I've participated in a Five on Friday link up.  There's been a lot going on recently, so I've got some exciting things to share.

1. George is getting so big!  He has officially doubled in size since the day that we picked him up.  We've struggled with him biting, chewing, and jumping up, but I think we finally have turned a corner.  {hope I'm not jinxing this}  T and I have put a lot of work into disciplining him when he's doing bad things and making sure to praise him when he's doing good things.  I think that he just might be getting it, fingers crossed!

2. Our dining room table is finally finished.   I've been nagging asking T to finish this thing for about 4 months now.   It just needs a few coats of  stain and polyurethane now, and that's my project.  I'm hoping to get a good head start on that this weekend.

3. This weekend I'm headed to Clemson's Spring Game.  The weather is going to be perfect, and I'll be back in my college town for the first time since this fall.  I can. not. wait.  I'm looking forward to pulling out my orange clothes to cheer on our tigers.  Luckily, we'll definitely pull out a W at this game.

4. I recently bought my first pair of gladiator sandals, and I love them.  I didn't want to go  Kourtney Kardashian bold with them, but I think I can pull off the calf height ones.  I've worn them a few times around town, and I get compliments on them all the time.  I think these just may be my new favorite summer sandals.

5. Have y'all caught any episodes of Chrisley Knows Best?  If you've read April's Five on Friday today, you probably noticed that she wrote about this very same show!  Its so obvious that we're sisters.  I've had this post written for a few days, and we have never talked about the show together.  We must share the gene for a love of semi-trashy reality TV.

I have loved this show so far.  It follows Todd Chrisley and his family, who live in a suburb of Atlanta.  {They've even ventured into upstate SC a few times to their lake house, which I presume is at Hartwell.}   Todd is an eccentric self-made millionaire in Atlanta, and the patriarch of his oh-so-entertaining family.  The show follows Todd as he tries to keep his teenage children in line, and uses some nontraditional ways to do so. I  love that the show is only 30 minutes.  Its much easier for me to watch a quick 30 minute episode rather than committing to a full hour show.  The show comes on USA on Tuesday nights, and they feature reruns on BRAVO, too.  You must watch this.

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. It's on Hulu too! I read your sisters blog and saw it and it peaked my interest so since I don't have cable I logged into my hulu account to discover that all of season 1 is there! Guess I know what I will be doing with my Sunday afternoon...

  2. LOVE the table and those gladiator sandals!! I've been scoping some out- and I definitely favor the calf-height the most!

  3. My husband and I just recently built a similar table. I LOVE how it turned out. Now we just need to find some parson chairs for the ends...

    I've been watching Chrisley Knows Best, too. It's the only reality show I can stand to watch and I actually look forward to it. It's much more entertaining/funny than I originally thought it would be.

  4. George is so cute! He is growing so fast. Training at that age is tough, just hang in there.


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