Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Weekend Recap

 Happy Monday!  I hope everyone had an awesome Easter weekend.  T and I hosted his family at our house this year for Easter.  This is the first time we've ever had a space big enough to host, and it was so nice to have everyone at our house.  Since we're usually the ones traveling to see family, I never get to decorate for the holidays.  I didn't go all out this year for Easter, but I did love having these fresh tulips in the house. 

T's family arrived on Saturday afternoon, and we all met at Brewery 85 for a few beers.   Greenville has recently been inundated with several small breweries, and we were excited to try this one for the first time.  Check back later in the week for a full recap of our experience there.

On Sunday morning, T's mom had grown up Easter baskets waiting out for us, complete with mini bottles and dog and cat treats. Even though we're adults now, it is still so fun to be surprised with a basket full of goodies on Easter morning.

Later that morning we headed to church, and then went to American Grocery Restaurant for Easter brunch. American Grocery (AGR) typically isn't open on Sundays, but they served a great Easter Sunday brunch.  Most restaurants in the area only serve buffet-style on Easter to turn as many tables as they can.  I hate a buffet, and the prices are always astronomical.  I was thrilled when I saw that AGR would be open, serving off of the menu, and that their prices were very reasonable.

I had to include some weekend pictures of George, of course.  He got his first hair cut this weekend and boy does he look handsome.  I feel like he looks so grown up now, and I think he may be feeling it too. We definitely turned a corner this weekend.  He's rarely jumping up, and biting much less.  Hallelujah.

Have a great week!


  1. So lovely! Beautiful pics!!! Love your dress. The pup pics steal my heart though...! :)

  2. Look at sweet George :) Glad you had a nice holiday!

  3. Oh, he's so handsome!! And it's always so fun when you get to host!

  4. So fun to get an Easter basket. My mom still gets one for us too!

  5. Adult Easter baskets are definitely the best. And I'm pretty sure I want to run out and get an Airedale now, George is so handsome!

  6. Your dog is SO adorable!! Ours is almost two and still bites and jumps. He is a wild man.


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