Monday, September 9, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up

And its Monday again.  Why do the weekends always fly by?  Once again we had another jam-packed weekend full of football, friends, and watermelon mimosas. Saturday morning T and I headed to Clemson to watch the Clemson v. SC State game.  We stayed through the first half, and then headed back to Greenville.  Once we got back, we went over to the house of our friends Virginia and Matt.  They've got a great back porch area that was perfect for watching more football. We sat around munching on appetizers and watched the Carolina v. UGA game.  Somehow the girls secured the shady couch spots right in front of the TV and the boys were left to stand around and watch.  What gents.

I had been dying to make a batch of watermelon mimosas, but didn't have the opportunity to make them before the football game on Saturday.  So instead, I made a batch to sip on Saturday night.  Typically I don't like drinking mimosas in the afternoon or evening, but this fruity concoction was perfect for porch sittin' and corn hole playing.


 Here's how I made them.

1/4 of a medium-large watermelon
1 bottle extra dry or brut Champagne 

Puree watermelon in a blender and then run it through a fine strainer.  Or if  you have a juicer, use that. It would have made this process much easier.  Combine two parts champagne and one part watermelon juice.  Optional Step: Add a pinch of salt to the watermelon juice before adding it to your champagne. 

After church on Sunday T and I went over to the Indie Craft Parade at the Hugenot Loft. The Indie Craft parade is a festival celebrating local artisans and food.  The old mill is taken over by booths upon booths of local artists showing off their works. They have everything ranging from custom denim and bowties to jewelry and prints. I heard a good bit about the Indie Craft Parade through social media, but was shocked at the amount of people that were there.  T and I went early enough in the day, so we were able to walk right in.  When we left it was one in one out, and the line was wrapped around the block.

One of my favorite booths that we visited was the Juxtaposition booth.  The owner, Brooke, has an awesome selection of upcycled cast iron pieces and other accessories.  I picked up this gold headless horse bud vase for 7 bucks, and it's already found a home on our table.  Don't you just love it?   This was the only thing I purchased that day, but I picked up business cards from several other booths with awesome things.  Two of my favorites were Overton Iron Works and Spectrum Handcrafted Goods. I love being able to support local businesses, and I love that I live in a town that makes it so easy!


  1. Thanks for the recipe! Those sound great-esp with the salt!

  2. That horse is fantastic! Does she sell any other works online?

  3. I am in love with the new design! So cute. This craft parade looks so cute!

  4. Thanks so much about the kind words about Overton Iron Works. This year's Indie Craft Parade was out first showing ever, and posts like yours help validate what we are doing. It is always exciting to hear!

    Please let me know how we can work together in the future!


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