Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Chicken Salad Chick

I recently tried out Chicken Salad Chick for the first time with my girlfriend Maggie.  When we went, they were still relatively new and super packed, so we had to get our food in to-go boxes and wait around until a table opened up.  I'm hoping by now the hype has died down a bit, I don't plan on returning until it does.

Regardless of the seating situation, we had a great lunch.  The entire restaurant is devoted to chicken salad. In fact, they have 15 different kinds of chicken salad.  They also offer soups and alternative sandwiches for those who don't love chicken salad.  But I do love it, a lot, and decided to go for a scoop of the Jazzy Julie (cayenne pepper, bacon and shredded cheddar) with their broccoli salad.  This was part of their Original Chick Special which comes with a sandwich or scoop of chicken salad, side item, and cookie of the day. 

The chicken salad was great.  Very finely shredded just like I like it.  The cayenne added just a bit of heat and the bacon and cheese were great additions. I was also impressed with the broccoli salad.  Most places overdress their broccoli salad, so by the time you get it you've got broccoli swimming in some kind of watery mayonnaisey mess- not too appetizing.  CSC got it right, it was perfectly dressed with the right amount of sweetness and tang.  And to top it off the cookie of the day was Snickerdoodle, which you can never go wrong with.

To be honest with you, I was a little turned off by the name at first.  I thought, "What man in their right mind would go to a place called Chicken Salad Chick?".  But I was shocked at the amount of men in there that day.  Granted, there were definitely more women than men, but it didn't look like the guys were too shy to come in.  They have 8 other locations around the southeast, and they are in the process of opening six more, so apparently the name's not holding them up. 

I would definitely back to CSC soon and try out their other flavors of chicken salad.  Next on my list to try will be the Buffalo Barclay (buffalo chicken salad, duh) or the Fancy Nancy (fuji apples, pecans, and grapes).  If you're in Greenville you should give it a shot!

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  1. Word on the street is that one of these is coming to the Lexington/Columbia area, so I love this review!

    1. Yes, they are coming to Lexington and Charleston, too!

  2. Okay, I have got to try this place. The best chicken salad I've ever had is the rotisserie chicken salad from Ingles (the grocery store!) so these gourmet options sound delish! And broccoli salad? You got me.


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