Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Tealoha Tea & Eats

I recently tried out Tealoha, a new breakfast and lunch place in Greenville.  If it's name doesn't give it away, Tealoha specializes in teas.  They offer loose leaf teas, hot specialty teas (specialTEAS), iced fruit teas (FruitTEAS), and smoothies with tea (SmoothTEAS).  After several minutes of deliberation, I decided to go for one of their iced teas.  I tried the Carolina Honey Lemon, jasmine green tea shaken with local wild flower honey and fresh squeezed lemon juice. It was really good.  Not too sweet, not too bitter.

For my meal I opted for the Tomato Mozzarella Panini and added a side salad for an additional $2.45.  The sandwich was a great size, perfect for a lunch portion, but I was a bit disappointed with the salad.  It just consisted of a hand full of spring greens with some halved cherry tomatoes on top- the kind of salad you should get for free with your lunch, not for an additional charge.  

The flavors of the sandwich were great.  Bread was warm, crusty on the outside and chewy on the inside.  Lots of mozzarella cheese, which I loved, and a good basil pesto flavor.  The tomatoes inside were a bit anemic looking which surprised me for this time of the year.  I decided to pull them off and substitute them out with the more ripe and red cherry tomatoes from my salad.

The service while I was there was great.  One of the employees came by mid-meal and offered me a sample of one of their new teas, the Snow Flake Latte.  It was coconut flavored black tea with steamed milk and organic sugar cane syrup.   Really tasty, and a good alternative to the afternoon iced coffees I usually opt for. 

One of my favorite parts about my lunch experience at Tealoha was the environment.  I brought my laptop with me (they have free Wi-Fi) and nestled myself down in a booth for my lunch hour.  It's pretty quiet in there and there is a lot of space to spread out.  This fall, I'm looking forward to escaping every once in a while on my lunch break to sit down with a hot tea.  It's the perfect getaway from the chaos of work.

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  1. Yum!! These both look so good. I'll be in Greenville and will have to make a note to try this place!

  2. I saw you there, but I was too chicken to say hello. Later, I kicked myself for not saying hello. I love your blog and enjoy reading about spots in Greenville.


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