Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Weekend Recap

This weekend T and I hosted 12 of our college friends at my family's lake house.  We typically try to get together for a mountain weekend or beach weekend every year, and this year we decided to change it up with a weekend at the lake.  T and I took Friday off so we could have time to get down there before everyone else.  We spent Friday morning doing yard and housework, and then relaxed in the afternoon with margaritas and a pontoon cruise.

 Friday night was a blast. We stayed up way too late drinking, eating, and catching up on missed time.  We woke up early on Saturday morning and went outside as soon as we could.  We tried to get the most out of Saturday since we were leaving the next day.  Although the water was chilly, the boys decided to jump in.  It looks like they don't like each other int his picture.  Why are they all so far apart?

That afternoon we all hopped on the boat for a booze cruise.  Girls in the front of the boat, boys in the  back.


The guys found  a new way to funnel a beer while we were on the boat, too; through a noodle.  Its amazing how these guys just revert back to their college selves once they get back together.  I love it.

Although we tried to act like were college kids again this weekend, one thing was very different.  There have been several additions to our group.  No babies yet, but lots of fur babies.  We had four dogs come along with us.  Here's one of them, Lola the pug. 

We had such an amazing time with everyone and cannot wait to do it again.  Hope everyone is having a great week!


  1. I will never look at a noodle the same way again!

  2. Looks like a great weekend! Also I am happy to hear that my Hubby is not the only one who acts like he is still in college ever once in a while;)

  3. Love this! Everyone looks great! We did a college night this weekend too - so fun! Can we go back? Hope you're doing well :-)

  4. What a fun weekend! Your bathing suit is so cute!


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