Thursday, May 16, 2013

Pendelton Street Art Crawl

T and I recently did an art crawl in the Pendleton Street Arts District.  The art crawl was put on by the Greenville United Way YP 20's group.  T and I aren't members, but its something we're considering doing for next year.  The YP 20's are a group of young professionals in their twenties that want to give to United Way, but aren't financially ready for the $1000/year donation.  Instead, you give $500/year with the pledge to grow your contribution to $1000 once you reach 30.  They have several networking events throughout the year, and T and I were thrilled to attend this one.

The Pendleton Street area, also known as Greenville's Far West End,  is an arts district located west of downtown.  The area is going through a lot of rebuilding at this point, and these art galleries are one of it's catalysts.  Once a booming industrial part of town, the Pendleton Street suffered greatly once many of the textile mills in the area shut down. In the last 10 or so years, west Greenville has started the rejuvination process, and these galleries have helped to attract many people from the city's more eastern parts.

These are the galleries we went to:
#1. Midtown Artery@ Village Studios & Gallery

#2. Les Beaux Arts Gallery

#3. Dabney Mahanes Studios

#4. The Flatiron Building 
(includes the Joseph Bradley Studio, Grushovenko Gallery, Patricia Kilburg and Janina Tukarski Ellis)

I really like Joseph Bradley's style.  He uses a lot of metallics which I am always weirdly drawn to. I also like the wildlife that is in a lot of his paintings, like deer and koi fish. There's something about a deer that is so beautiful and mystical to me.  Check him out here

Were you wondering why they called it the flatiron building?  I was too until I saw it.  Its obvious that it resembles New York's iconic flatiron building; its just a mini version. 


  1. This seems like such a great organization to be a part of and a wonderful cause. Plus, you guys had fun!! That's the best part!! :)

  2. I'm jealous of all the fun to be had in Greenville! :-) This seems like a great program!

  3. I've been in that last building before! I went to an art crawl in that area before :)


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