Thursday, May 23, 2013

Most people decide to take their first summer vacation over memorial day weekend; not us. Last weekend marked the end of our over two month stint of traveling on the weekends.  T and I have not had a weekend at home since March 8th.  This weekend we have nothing to do and I couldn't be more excited.  There's so much that I want to do, so I have decided to make a list to make sure that everything gets done. So much for a carefree relaxing weekend, right? 

#1. Go on a date with just the two of us 
It has been too long since this has happened.

#2. Go see Great Gatsby
I feel like everyone I know has seen it and I want to, too!

#3. Lunch at the Swamp Rabbit Cafe
Fresh local fare, walking distance from our apartment, and I have a Groupon.  Enough said.

#4. Afternoon hike at Paris Mountain
I've lived here for almost three years and have yet to do this.  Its about darn time.

#5. Relax by the pool 
Our building has a great pool area that we don't take advantage of enough.

#6. Go to church on Sunday morning
I'm embarrassed to say we have only been to church once in over two months.  I'm looking forward to getting back to our typical Sunday schedule.

I'm hoping that making a list will hold me accountable for doing everything I want to get done.  Its just so tempting to sit in front of the TV curled up on the couch and watch movies all weekend long, but I always regret it when I do that.  Stay tuned to see how my weekend went!

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