Friday, May 17, 2013


Happy Friday everyone! Springtime Friday afternoons always make me want to go eat lunch outdoors.  Luckily since I work in the heart of downtown, there are always several options. A few weeks ago I caught word that Greenville had a new restaurant opening with a great upstairs patio; naturally, I made it a point to go opening day with my girlfriend Maggie.

Before Gringo's, Greenville had two types of Mexican restaurants.  The #10 and #13 kind of places where their margaritas resemble put-put pool water, and the specialty taco places where they only serve top shelf tequila and you can't get out of there spending under 50 bucks.  I think Gringo's is right in the middle.

They serve complimentary chips and salsa.  Definitely a plus.  Its evident that their salsa is homemade, too. Its nice and chunky, not homogenized like the stuff that comes in a big plastic vat.  You can actually see that there are herbs and veggies in the salsa.  It wasn't as spicy as I would have wanted, but that was my only complaint.

Maggie opted for two of their Fat Tacos.  The one pictured below is the Seasoned Beef Taco, its a pretty traditional taco with ground beef, lettuce, and salsa but then its got melted queso on top. She loved this one.  She also got the Roasted Chicken which she wasn't as much of a fan of. 

I typically try to eat pretty healthily during the week, but I must have been having a weak moment that day.  I ordered the nachos and added choriso.  Holy moly were they good.  There must have been a little voice of reason in my brain that talked me into getting the half portion rather than the whole, and it was plenty. 

Since then I've been back and ordered the Carnitas Taco (shredded pork, mild fiesta salsa cheese, pickled onions, cilantro and shredded cabbage) and the Baja Fish (citrus battered fish with cilantro, shredded cabbage, cheese, pickled onions, and homemade jalapeno blanco sauce).  Both were very tasty.  

I'm also very curious about their Chicken 'N Waffles Taco.  Its got fried chicken strips and waffle strips in a taco, and is served with maple syrup on the side.  I don't know what to think about this one.  I do love chicken and waffles, but this could be a little too odd for me.

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  1. Now I'm craving Mexican for breakfast. That looks delicious!! I know what you're talking about with the extreme ends of Mexican dining. Might be everywhere!?

  2. I would totally order the chicken and waffles taco!

  3. They were out of the chicken and waffle tacos when we went for Cinco de Mayo :( hoping to go back soon


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