Wednesday, May 30, 2012

What A Weekend

This was the first weekend that truly felt like summer.  On Saturday morning Mr. T and I headed down to Charleston for a high school friend's wedding.  The wedding was beautiful, the venue was set right on the water.  I love any excuse to see my friends from high school, seems like we've never been apart once we get back together.

We woke up early on Sunday and headed towards Columbia to my parent's lake house at Lake Wateree. (the people who named the lake got really creative with this one) They just bought a new boat and Mr. T and I were excited to get out on it.  One of my favorite summertime activities is going out on the lake with family, but now that we're in Greenville we don't get to do that much.  I was so happy we had the opportunity to spend the day there.

Once we arrived we had some lunch and took the pontoon out to Island #13, Johnny's Island.  A lot of people beach their boats up on the side of the island and wade in the water.  Boats blare country music and classic rock while throwing back Budweiser's left and right, confederate flags blowing in the wind off of every boat (except ours).  The exact definition of the red neck yacht club.

After a few hours in the sun, we headed back to have nackies (snacks) and make some drinks.  We got back just in time to avoid the storm that came through.  Mr. T made margaritas and we sipped on them as we watched the storm pass by from the screened porch.

Gotta love an Instagram photo op
 The storm passed and we decided it was safe enough to get back on the water for dinner.  We took a 20 minute boat ride to the Retreat, one of the very few restaurants on our small lake. 

Excuse the terrible hair.  It was mighty windy on the boat!  We came home Sunday night and just sat around chatting with my parents.  Monday morning we slept in, had lunch, and headed back to Greenville.   What a weekend!  Hope y'all had a great long weekend like I did!


  1. I know it's probably not the same, but there are actually some awesome lakes in western NC - about an hour and a half from here - and you can often find GREAT deals on cabin rentals. I know some friends rented one on Lake Lure (where Dirty Dancing was filmed) for a pretty low rate last summer, and we rented a cabin that was about a 2 minute car ride from another lake in Maggie Valley over New Year's for like $300 for an entire weekend (it slept 6 people, had its own hot tub, etc.)

  2. I love that dress that you wore to the wedding - it's lovely on you!

  3. what a weekend!!! you look amazing xx doro


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