Thursday, May 24, 2012

Our China Pattern

I didn't think I'd ever be the kind of person to share these things, but after getting deeper into the blogging world, I've realized that someone may actually be interested in reading about these details of my life.  After reading Missy Anne Rinfret's blog, The Penny Pinching Preppy and her post on how she came to choose her china pattern I decided I'd share my decision making process with you, too. 

I come from a family that NEVER uses their fine china.  I think we used it once when one of my sisters brought a boyfriend over for Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner, and that's it.  It's hard to replace, not dishwasher or microwave safe, and kept way up high in one of our cabinets.  My practical self did not see any advantage of spending way too much money on something that will rarely get used.

** as a side note to Missy, your fine china pattern is beautiful and I am definitely not discounting your decision, you look like a fabulous entertainer and I'm sure you'll get lots of use from what you chose.**

We decided on the Kate Spade Wickford pattern.  All white and somewhat simple, hopefully something that will still be beautiful 30 years down the road.  As much as I loved the trendy pieces, I decided to go for simple because I thought it may have a better chance of not becoming out-dated.

The great thing about the Kate Spade line is that most of the pieces coordinate with others, so if we wanted to get funky, we could always add something like these into the mix.

Kate Spade Wickford Sandpiper Accent Plates

We were also looking for something that was on the dressier side of casual (if there is such a thing), so we could use it for more special occasions, too. 

Wickford Pitcher-  perfect for entertaining

Another great thing about Kate Spade dinnerware is that the company is owned by Lenox.  Lenox offers a breakage replacement program which is good for as long as you own the product.  If you break a piece, they will replace it for 50% of the current suggested retail price.  Not bad, huh?

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