Thursday, May 10, 2012

Off To The Races

When Mr. T and I asked our moms what they wanted to do for Mother's Day weekend this year, they both shocked us by saying "NASCAR!".  Both of our moms are not the typical NASCAR fans, the total opposite actually.  Last year we spent the same weekend at Darlington Raceway where my mom had her first race experience.  She loved it.   She was enamored by the speed of the cars, the noise, and the incredible people-watching.  So this weekend, we're off to the races!

Here are a few pictures from last year.

Riding Around and Making Friends

Mom and Dad in the Pits

With Mom and MIL to be

Now I don't know if I like NASCAR racing enough to sit in the stands, but our experience has always been a little bit different.  We were able to snag some infield passes through Mr. T's uncle.  He brings several RVs down and that's where we tailgate all day. We had a golf cart to ride in around the infield, and that's where the best people watching and friend making happened.  Once the race started, we climbed to the top of the RV to get a better view of the track.  It's absolutely amazing how loud and fast those cars are.  TV just doesn't do it justice.

We're so excited to celebrate Mother's Day again at the race!  Stay tuned for pictures and stories from our experience.

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