Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Pregnancy Update: 31 Weeks

Hey y'all!  T and I are back from our Arizona baby moon.  I'm still getting all of my pictures together for a full recap post, but I wanted to share a quick pregnancy update since I haven't done one in a while! I cannot believe I'm almost EIGHT months pregnant. 

How Far Along?   31 Weeks

Size of Baby:
  A pineapple, say wha?


Weight Gain: 
Up about 17 lbs so far I think.  I really haven’t been as diligent about keeping track as I thought I’d be.  As long as baby is healthy and I can still fit through doorways, I'm cool with it. 

Maternity Clothes:
 Yep, and I’m getting pretty sick of them.  At this point I really don’t want to buy more, so I keep the same 7-8 dresses on constant rotation. 

So close to being complete!  I still need to make the blackout curtains and hang some things on the wall.  But we’re almost there!

  Yes, and all the time.  This little boy is all up in my ribs.  I’ve gotten confirmation at my last two appointments that he’s already head down, and his little feet just kick inside my ribcage all day long.

  My blood pressure has been reading low throughout my entire pregnancy, but it’s been even lower over the past few days.  When I went to the doctor this week it was 85/55.  It’s amazing how having low blood pressure can make you feel yuck all over.  Lethargic, short of breath, headachy, and dizzy.  I’ve been trying to take it easy, not stand or bend over too quickly, and stay hydrated all the time.  I also have heartburn constantly throughout the day.  I take Zantac twice daily to keep it at bay, but sometimes its just not enough. 

Sleep:  Sleeping great thanks to Unisom.  It’s a nightly thing for me now.  I only take half of the dose, but it’s enough to get me to sleep and keeps me asleep all night.

Cravings:  All Fruit, PB&J’s, and crushed ice.  I could crunch on ice for days.  Oh, and soft serve ice cream all.the.time.

What I Miss:  My agility.  That is seriously the one thing I cannot wait to have back.  Oh to be able to pop right out of bed, or tie my shoes without having to maneuver around a belly. 

Best Moment This Week:  Our babymoon in Sedona this past weekend.   This was my first trip out west, and it did not disappoint! Our visit to the Grand Canyon was by far the highlight of the trip. I’ll follow up later this week with a full recap of the trip.

Looking Forward To:  Meeting this sweet babe in about 8 weeks!  I’m definitely getting nervous about the whole birthing part, but I’m just so ready to see this baby’s precious face.


  1. So much goodness

  2. I looooove Sedona:) And have you tried a small shot of apple cider vinegar in a big glass of water daily? It is wonderful for heartburn. But you have to get Bragg's ACV or the kind with the "mother".


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