Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Our Weekend + April's Baby Sprinkle

Last weekend my sister April came to visit with her daughter Camille. April was in Greenville selling bows and bonnets for her shop, The Tipsy Bunny, so I had the pleasure of taking care of sweet Camille. Watching over a 20 month old is no joke, especially when you're almost 8 months pregnant. I honestly have no idea how April does it. After three days I was exhausted and in need of a chiropractor visit.

Camille is seriously one of the smartest most fun toddlers to be around. Everything she does it just so precious, and she's so, so smart. We made multiple visits to our neighborhood playground, swinging on the big girl swings, which she loved (and which made this over protective auntie very nervous). T even got to join us on Saturday morning which was just the icing on the cake for Camille. She's obsessed with her uncle T, or as she calls him T Nuh-Nuh.

On Sunday I headed to Charlotte for a baby sprinkle that some of April's girlfriends were hosting for her.  It was held at Dogwood Southern Table, a perfect spot for a Sunday brunch.  April's friends did the best job putting together this little celebration, it was absolutely perfect.  I returned the favor that April did for me last weekend at my shower and captured as many photos of the day as I could.  (You can see more pictures from the shower on April's blog here, and photos from my shower here)

The food at Dogwood was amazing. As soon as I saw their Chicken-n-Biscuit on the menu, I knew it was exactly what I was going to order.  A huge biscuit topped with pepper chive gravy, eggs, and a fried chicken breast.  It was as heavenly as it looks. 

 It's been so much fun being pregnant at the same time as my sister.  Sharing clothes, taking all the advice I can get from her, and having someone to answer my "is this normal?" questions has been priceless.  I can't believe we'll be meeting her sweet little bundle of joy in the next few weeks, and I am chomping at the bit to know whether she'll be having a boy or girl- and what the name will be!  I personally think she's having a boy, but that may be because I'm so used to referring to an in utero baby as a "he" all the time.  Just a few more weeks, and we'll know for sure! 

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  1. So fun celebrating Baby R! I love that y'all have been pregnant at the same time!!!


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