Friday, January 10, 2014

Five on Friday

Friday is finally here!  I cannot wait for another weekend chock-full of home projects.  It's been so much fun working on our new house.  Today I'm linking up with April, Darci, Natasha, and Christina to share the top five things that getting me through this Friday afternoon. 

{one.} This weekend's big project is making our dining room table.  We've been wanting a farm table for our dining room, and thought we would buy one from a guy we found on Craigslist.  His prices were decent, about $500 for the table and two benches. I recently ran across Christina's post about making their own table, and T and I are going to attempt making ours this weekend.  If all goes as planned we will be spending under $150. Wish us luck!

Christina's Table

{two.} I finally got a DSLR for Christmas this year and I have really been enjoying it, but I've been scared that I'm going to lose the lens cap cover.  I just bought a lens cap keeper that should protect it from getting lost. Can't wait to test it out.

{three.} I've been on a pretty serious clothes buying hiatus recently since there have been so many things to buy for the house.  I was in TJ Maxx recently and found these Elliott Lucca cuties in the clearance section.  Coral leather, snake print, and tassels?  Done.  (please excuse the fugly office carpet in the background)

{four.} Our bedside tables finally came in last night!  I've been loving these mirrored bedside tables from Target for years, and I finally had a reason to purchase them.  Our new bedroom is much smaller than our apartment bedroom was, so we're having to get rid of some of our bigger furniture and trade it out for smaller stuff.   These are 14" wide which is the perfect size for the space. They look so good flanking each side of the bed.

{five.} It's Restaurant Week in South Carolina!  I love restaurant week because it gives T and I the opportunity to check out some of the places that are typically not in our budget.  We'll be visiting one or maybe even two restaurants this weekend. Check out my Intsagram @thereedyreview to see where we end up.


  1. One of my girlfriends just bought those mirrored nightstands. They are really cute! Good luck with the table making!

  2. Haha I am also scared of losing my DSLR lens cap-- that cap keeper is genius! Would love to hear if it works. Good luck with the table making this weekend!

  3. I need to stay on top of Restaurant Week. I'm going to look at that website, and hopefully we'll find a new upstate favorite!!

  4. Can't wait to see the farm table! My husband has been talking about making one but we haven't taken the plunge yet!

  5. I am seriously so excited about your new table! I would LOVE to have one…too bad we don't have room to build one! :( Those shoes are too cute…what a great TJ Maxx find! Wishing I were in Greenville for Restaurant Week. There are SO many great places to choose from…so jealous!

  6. I can't wait to see where you end up! I've always wanted a farmhouse table.

  7. You have to post pictures of that new table! It means so much to have everyone gathered around something you've made with your own hands. Also- I need to find out when NC Restaurant Week is- we missed out last year because it crept up on us.


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