Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Weekend Recap

T and I had a great time in Clemson at the Clemson vs. Citadel game this Saturday.  I love the campus this time of year.  The leaves are changing and the campus is beautiful. We really lucked up on weather, too.  The high was in the 60's, and no rain.  The sun even decided to peek out later that afternoon.

The game started at noon, and we planned to tailgate beforehand.  Noon games always throw me for a loop;  I never know whether to bring breakfast food or lunch food.  So in attempt to combine the two, I brought these Sausage and Cream Cheese Crescent Rolls which were a hit.

After the game we made our way down to the Esso club to celebrate our win with some friends.  If you're not familiar with Clemson, The Esso Club is the town's oldest bar.  It started as a service station in the mid 30's and has been there ever since. The bar is iconic to the town of Clemson and has received a lot of national attention recently.

It was so great to be back in my college town, but it was also so weird to look around and barely know a soul.  Amazing what can change in just three years. We sat outside at a table with friends listening to Doug McCormick, a fellow Clemson grad and country music singer.  After a few drinks we headed back to Greenville for the remainder of the night. 

On Sunday, T and I woke up and headed to Charlotte for my sister April's gender reveal party.  We had a great time with family while we were there, and we are SO excited that we will have a NIECE in just a few months!

Hope y'all have a great {short} workweek!


  1. I had no idea you and April were sisters!! Those sausage and cream cheese crescent rolls look amazing!! I will be making those soon!!

  2. So cool I didn't realize y'all were sisters :)


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