Wednesday, November 13, 2013

JC Penny Finds

This weekend my mom and I ventured into JC Penny because they have a full Sephora inside, and I need some blush.  I haven't been into a JC Penny in years, and I don't think I've ever purchased something from there.  I had every intention to make a bee line for the Sephora store, buy my blush, and get the heck outta there- but it didn't quite work out that way.

We walked in and were immediately entranced by the Joe Fresh section.  I've seen a lot of their stuff on commercials and on other blogs, but hadn't seen it yet in person.  From the Joe Fresh section we made our way around the entire ladies clothing area.  Everything was so cute!  Here are some of my favorites.  I actually purchased the top three, and I'm loving the looks of the bottom three. 


Joe Fresh Sequin Skirt
a.n.a. Mandarin Collar Popover


I ended up getting blush while I was there, too.  It's actually kind of a funny story.  I was ready to finally jump on the NARS blush train, and I did a little research before I went.  I liked the look of Orgasm (their most popular color), and had also heard good things about the Deep Throat.  When I went to go check out those colors, they appeared to be out of both.  I called one of the associates over for help, but she wasn't sure if they had more of either.  So, she screamed over to her coworker asking if they had more orgasm or deep throat in stock. Oh the looks I received.  At that point no blush was needed.  I could just feel the blood rush to my cheeks. 


  1. Glad to see JC Penney has stepped it up! I went with my mom a few months ago and the store was pathetic! Love the blush story!!

  2. what awesome finds! I super love that sequined skirt and sweater too!!!!! xx

  3. I love those finds! Some of my favorite pieces from last winter actually from JCP. I would have been mortified if that happened to me!

  4. I love these! JCP has some great finds right now! I need that sequined skirt, perfect for New Years.

  5. Hilarious! :) And those are some good finds, but I don't even know where a JCP is around here!

  6. I'm loving that sequined skirt!! Love a good buy!


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