Friday, June 21, 2013

Link Up: Five on Friday

It's FRIDAY!!!  One thing I love about this link up is it makes me reflect on my week and pick out the truly great things that I want to share with everyone.  Typically on Friday I only have my mind set on the weekend ahead, but doing this post helps me look back on the great week that's wrapping up.  Here's what I loved about this week:

#1. New Nail Look- I've been getting a little bored with my nail color lately, so after a few glasses of wine last night I decided to switch it up a bit.  I kept with the neutral on the majority of my nails, but then did a platinum metallic on each ring finger.  What do you think?   I'm debating whether I like it or whether it looks like I only painted one of my nails...

#2. Arm Candy Update- Remember last week when J. Crew Factory had that big sale?  Well I did some damage.  Among several things that I bought, I got a new bracelet that is perfect for layering. 

#3. Aldi- I did it.  I finally tried out Aldi for the first time, and boy was it worth it.  I've been on a pretty strict grocery budget lately. I try to spend under $50 a week for both T and me.  It's typically pretty tough when I shop at my normal grocery store, but Aldi makes it easy.  Last week I picked up groceries to last us over a week and a half and my bill was $31.00.   It may not be the most glamourous grocery store, but they've got something working for them.

#4. Skinny Bang Bang Shrimp-  If you read my post yesterday you know that I'm getting back into Pinterest recipes.  I got a little bogged down a few months ago with Pinterst recipes after I tried several in a row that just weren't that tasty.  Last night and the night before T and I had these Skinny Bang Bang Shrimp.  So good we had to have them two nights in a row.

#5.  Celebrating Melanie- This weekend I'll be getting together with some college girlfriends to celebrate one of our best friends Melanie at her bachelorette weekend.  We'll be spending tonight in Greenville doing appetizers and a lingerie shower, and tomorrow morning we'll make our way to Athens, GA for a fun filled wild night!
Mel, Maggie, and Me


  1. That shrimp looks delish! Thanks for the yummy looking pin.

  2. Hubby and I tried Aldi once when I was at Winthrop and we didn't like it at all! Everything tasted slightly off to us, even the milk, and the toliet paper shed everywhere! It was such a weird experience, haha. We ended up buying more than we needed so we spent just as much as we did at a normal store. Boo! I'm glad you liked it though! That blue dress looks beautiful on you!

  3. MM. Skinny bang bang shrimp? Can it be? Must try!


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