Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Brew In The Zoo

 This weekend we went to Brew In The Zoo with some friends to celebrate T's birthday.  T and I have been wanting to go to the Greenville Zoo for a while, but it just hasn't ever happened.  So when we heard about Brew In The Zoo, we jumped at the opportunity.

Our friends came over to our place beforehand for appetizers and a beer, and then we headed to the zoo. 

I was a little surprised by the price of the night at first, its $40 a person ($30 if you pay ahead of time). But that $40 includes entrance to the zoo, all you can drink beer, and food.  Wild Wing Cafe, Mellow Mushroom, and a local cupcake shop all had tents up with free food. Since the event was sponsored by RJ Rockers, they obviously served RJ Rockers beer. But they also served beer from other microbreweries like Terrapin, Sweetwater, Thomas Creek, and Dales. This girl made sure to get her money's worth.

Several months ago the female giraffe at the Greenville Zoo had a baby, Kiko.  The birth of baby Kiko was big local news and they even had a live stream of the birth available for everyone to see.  Since he's attracted so much local attention, it was cool to go and see that baby giraffe in person.  And he was so darn cute.  If you look closely you can see Kiko's dad behind us in these pictures. 

After the zoo we surprised T with a cookie cake and some tequila shots at Compadre's, a Mexican restaurant downtown. 

Compadre's has an outdoor patio that backs up to the Greenville Drive stadium's large green wall; their version of Fenway's Green Monster.  The Green Monster (or Greenville Monster as I like to call it) has several small holes in it just large enough to peer through and watch the game. Here's T with his Mexican restaurant sombrero on sneaking a peek of the game. 

I think T had a really great birthday weekend.  We had a great time together with just the two of us on Friday night, and go to spend Saturday with some great friends...and good beer.  Success!

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