Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Red Fin On Main: The New Kid On The Block

Last night T and I used a Living Social deal that I bought for Red Fin on Main.  We tried this place out several months ago and were very pleased, so I was excited about dining there again.  It was a beautiful night, so we decided to eat at one of their outdoor tables.  This was our view last night as we were eating.  You just can't beat Greenville's Main Street, can you?

T and I keep running lists in our phones of the rolls that we like at different sushi restaurants.  We always get to sushi places and say "remember that really good roll we had in here last time?" and then neither one of us can remember the name of it. So we referenced T's notes from last time we were there and went for the Black Dragon Roll along with two other sushi rolls.

Sidenote: T and I had a laugh at the misspellings in the list.  I think someone had had a little too much sake when they made this!

Black Dragon Roll

Spider Roll

Cucumber Eel Roll

To be honest, we weren't won over with the quality of the food.  Our rolls weren't wrapped tightly, and they seemed to fall apart as soon as we picked them up.  The flavor wasn't bad, but it also didn't wow us.  Red Fin is nestled in between two other great sushi restaurants Takosushi and Murasaki.  I think they've got some improvements to make to stand a fighting chance with the two other great restaurants on their block.

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  1. Murasaki is my fav! I had sushi there for the first time. Those rolls look ridiculously yummy. I haven't had sushi in way too long.

  2. Okay - totally craving sushi now! At 10am, nonetheless!

  3. Hey Laura - I love reading your blog! I am coming to Greenville this weekend for a friends wedding and would love some suggestions on things to do during the day on Saturday before the wedding!Thanks!!

    1. Caitlin, check out my newest blog post. You inspired me to share with everyone!


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