Thursday, April 4, 2013

Overdue Weekend Recap: The Carolina Cup

Last weekend T and I went to the Carolina Cup with my family.  The Cup has been an important event for the two of us, T actually met my family for the first time there back in 2007.  Here's a great picture of us 6 years ago. Back when I still thought the tanning bed wasn't bad for you, and less was more when it came to clothing.  Oh what it was like to be a freshman in college...

We've gone every year since then, and 2013 was no exception. This year we came prepared with lots of $1's in hand for betting.

We started out the day with mimosas and bloody marys.  Mom made deviled eggs and we picked up fried chicken on the way there- two Cup staples. 

Dad brewed a Bavarian lager that was quite a hit that day, especially out of that hilarious glass!

We even saw a few races, too. Most Carolina Cup patrons joke about going to the race and never even seeing a horse, but we made a point to walk up to the track when it was race time.

 Later on in the day we  ventured into College Park, and ran into some guys that were in T's fraternity at Clemson.  One of T's fraternity brothers (and my little bro in the fraternity), Neal, started the company Good Ole Boys, and we made sure to take a picture with his flag.

 Good Ole Boys is a clothing and hat line that has recently received a lot of local attention and press.  Neal started the line from a simple design on one of this grandfather's hats.  In the last several years, the company has exploded.  They now make men's polos, t shirts, women's shirts, and of course they still make those classic hats.  Good Ole Boys clothing is sold at Monkee's of the Westend, Rush Wilson, and Smith & James in Greenville.

We're already looking forward to Cup 2014! 


  1. I haven't been since college, but oh what memories! I would love to go again. Looks like you had a lot of fun!!

  2. It has been years since I have been to a race but man were they fun!

  3. I can't believe I grew up in SC (and was in a sorority) and never went to Cup. Crazy, I know. Your entire family is gorgeous!

  4. As I told yous sister the picture will all the singles cracks me up! Strip club or Carolina Cup? Looks like so much fun!


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