Monday, December 10, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up

This weekend was the first weekend that really felt like Christmas time.  Despite the 70 degree temperatures, we really started to get in the holiday spirit.  We spent Friday night with our supper club group, and wrapped up the night with s'mores by the fire pit.

Our host, Amanda, went all out and even made her own marshmallows.  They were so much better than the store bought kind.  They tasted more fresh and even seemed to brown better over the fire. Rather than just going up in a huge blue flame and charring the entire outside, these actually seemed to normally brown on the outside and get nice and gooey in the middle. I will be making this recipe for sure.

Saturday afternoon was devoted to Christmas shopping and wrapping gifts. I was able to knock out a good bit of stocking stuffers, and picked up some ribbon and wrapping paper as well.   I had originally planned on going with the classic brown paper and plaid ribbon, but couldn't resist the ornate gold paper and leopard. 

Mr. T and I went out on Saturday night to watch the Clemson basketball game with friends,  but before we did we enjoyed a glass of wine by the Christmas tree.

I somehow managed to go through the entire weekend without taking a single picture of myself, but at least you can see how my weekend looked through my eyes.  I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

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  1. I've been itching to make homemade marshmallows! I want to see more of your tree with all of its pretty ornaments :)


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