Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Bridesmaid Gifts

Well better late than never.  I've been busy wrapping presents that were fulfilled by all of our Instagram friends through my company's InstaClaus project.  Thank you again to everyone for all of your help!  There are so many children in Greenville, New York, and Detroit that will have gifts to open thanks to you and your smartphones.

I thought I'd jump on the Wedding Wednesday train and update you on some other details of my wedding.  I was reading Megan's post on Fried Green Pickles today.  She's in the process of deciding what she will get her bridesmaids for their gift, so I wanted to share what I gave to my bridal party.

I decided to get monogrammed robes for my bridesmaids.  Yes, maybe a little overdone, but something that everyone can use. I love the idea of getting something personalized for your bridal party, it just adds a little extra special touch to the gift.  They looked great in pictures too, I think it made our getting ready pictures look even better with all of us in the same robes. 

What did you give or what are you planning on giving to your bridesmaids?

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