Tuesday, December 11, 2012


I don't like being one of those people that boasts about how cool their jobs are, but just for this post I may be a little braggy.  I've been working for an advertising agency, Erwin Penland,  for the last eight months and it has been absolutely amazing.  EP always makes it a priority to give back to the local community, and this Christmas they are doing just that.

This year, Erwin Penland has created a program called InstaClaus. It's a great way to share your pictures and spread holiday cheer. Just by uploading your pictures with the specific hashtags, a child in need will get the Christmas gift they've wished for.

Here's how it works:
There are over 100 requests from real children from the three cities where Erwin Penland has offices: Greenville, New York, and Detroit.  Each request is listed, and you can help these children to receive their gifts by posting relevant pictures to Instagram.  There are two requested hashtags for each gift.  Just post your pictures with those hashtags and they will add it to the workshop.  Once a gift has five related photos, they will move it to the InstaClaus bag for delivery.  Your Instagram handle is even added to the gift tag so that child knows exactly who their present is coming from.

For example, I posted this picture this afternoon. 

Ryan, 13, wants a Spalding basketball. I posted this picture on Instagram with the two requested hashtags #round and #instaclaus.  Once three more people  upload their pictures of round objects, than Ryan gets his ball!

 How amazing is this idea?

Leave a comment if you post a picture and let me know which ones you posted.  I'd love to see if my blog post makes an impact! Check out a better description and the actual site here.


  1. I just added to the #instaclaus #round photos to help Ryan get that basketball! This is awesome, Laura!

  2. omgosh, I'm so in love with this idea!!! I work for a Social Media company, and spread this throughout my office. Girls are snapping pictures left and right!

    My picture is the Buttons one, pink calculator! I think we just completed the series!

  3. This is such a sweet idea! I love it!

  4. True meaning of Christmas! Absolutely love it!!!

  5. So happy to have read a comment from you! It's great to see another South Carolinian blogger... your blog is great! xo



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