Monday, September 24, 2012

I'm Baaaack!

After more than three months of not blogging, I'm finally starting to miss it.  In the chaos of all of the wedding festivities, blogging took a back seat.  But now I'm back and have lots to share.

The first things I wanted to share were a few of my bridal portraits.  My photographer, Courtney Dox, did an amazing job.  We took the pictures at the River Road and Jasmine Houses in Irmo, SC.  They had so many great indoor and outdoor spaces for us to use.

I was dead set on having a dress with cap sleeves and a keyhole back, but couldn't find one that looked good on me.  I ended up choosing a strapless gown and having a jacket made to go over the dress.  I was so happy that I did this. It gave me the flexibility to wear the jacket for a more traditional look and take it off for a more modern look.

Happy Monday everyone!  Hope you had a great weekend. Please comment and let me know which ones are your favorites.  I haven't gotten a bridal portrait blown up yet, and I'd love to get some input on which one I should choose!


  1. For enlargement, I'm liking the b&W, third one down. It is just you--looking gorgeous--with nothing distracting in the background.

  2. Hhhmmm, I've thought about this for a good week now! I think my favorites are 3,5,7. All of those show something different. I like your happy expression in 3 and the fact that you can see your headpiece, 5 is soooo elegant, and 7 is a really beautiful shot hands down. Did you decide on one already?


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