Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Grill Marks: Greenville's Newest Addition

Earlier this week Mr. T and I tried out downtown Greenville's newest restaurant Grill Marks.  Grill Marks is  a part of the ever-growing Larkin's restaurant group.  We were pretty impressed.  Food was great, beer was reasonably priced, and the milkshakes were to die for.

We sat up at the bar.  This is something we do very frequently, especially with new restaurants.  Usually the thing that takes the most time for a restaurant to perfect is the service- trust me I used to manage one.  Sitting at the bar alleviates this problem.

For those of you who aren't from the area I won't bore you with details about the restaurant, but I will let you drool for a bit as you scroll through the pictures. 

Fries- Your choice of Skinny, Fat, or Sweet Potato

 T opted for the fried pickles with his burger

I enjoyed my milkshake 'till the last drop!  We will be back for sure, we'll just wait until the crowds die down and it's newness wears off a bit.  Thanks Larkin's for another great addition!

Grill Marks on Urbanspoon

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