Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Craft Week Part 2

Last night I decided to begin making the table runners I've been meaning to start on for the last two months.  My sister April of A. Liz Adventures made her own table runners for her reception last year, which I thought was great.  It saved her a lot of money, plus she was able to get custom runners that matched her decor perfectly.  I found two fabrics online that I liked and ordered what I needed to cover our twelve tables.  Later that week FORTY POUNDS of fabric arrived at our front door.

 You should have seen the look on Mr. T's face.  

So last night I got home from work, poured myself a hefty glass of rosé, and started cutting.  Lulu the cat even helped, too.

I've finished two runners so far, and have ten more to go.  That should amuse me for the next couple of weeks.  Here's the finished product.  I laid the runner over our table to see how it looked.  The colors I chose for the bottles coordinate perfectly, too!  All it's missing are some votives and flowers. 

I didn't even realize it until now, but the runner matches exactly with the plaid chars that you can see in the background.  After our wedding, this runner may have a new home!  Hope  y'all have a happy hump day!


  1. That's beautiful fabric, and I love the pairing with the painted vases! Did you get it from

  2. Whoa, this looks soooo good! I can't wait to see it all come together. Less than 2 months now? I'm probably more nervous than you are!


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