Monday, April 11, 2016

Weekend Recap

This weekend was our annual girls trip with some of my best college girlfriends.  Since graduation, we've all been getting together one weekend to spend time with one another.  With so many girls with different schedules, it's not easy for us to find a weekend that always works for us, so we have a standing date each year for two weeks after Easter weekend.  That way we can plan ahead for years to come.

This trip was quite different than the other trips we've had in the past with the addition of three new babies, and one on the way (mine).  We rented a house at Lake Murray, since it was a perfect central location for all of us scattered across the state.

On Friday night we laid low and cooked dinner at home since people would be arriving sporadically throughout the evening.  I made an Avocado, Black Bean, and Corn Salad to go along with tacos, which was quite a hit.  After dinner we sat around talking for hours, and had a little too much fun playing a game that I brought. This Left Center Right game is SO much fun, and very compact so it's really easy to travel with.  We played with dollar bills, so having $3 on the line for each game made it even more fun and competitive.   I'm usually not a huge gamer, but I'd highly recommend it!

This is truly what the weekend looked like, taking turns doing mini photoshoots of babies, and doing everything that was in our power to make them laugh and smile.  

On Saturday, we had a Sip and See for the newest baby added to our group, baby Maines.  Maines is our friend Caroline's second baby, she tragically and suddenly lost her first little boy Riggs right after his first birthday.  Since Caroline has a lot of the gear she already needed, we threw a low key shower for her and Maines after he arrived.  And we also made sure that his sweet big brother had a presence there as well.  These cookies were brought by one of our girlfriends and they were absolutely perfect.  

As we continue to have these weekend get-togethers each year, the bond I have with these girls seems to only get stronger.   It was so great to spend time with each and every girl, and I can't wait until next year!

Hope y'all had a great weekend!

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