Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Showering Baby Thompson

This weekend three of my best friends from high school threw the cutest shower for our baby.  They did such a great job putting everything together, not a single detail was missed.  It was held at my girlfriend Kate's parent's house on Lake Murray, and the weather couldn't have been more perfect that day for a lakeside shower.  We sipped on cocktails (and mocktails) and ate our little pimiento cheese and chicken salad sandwiches.  My friend Courtney also had the cutest baby boy themed sugar cookies made.  Coming from a family of all girls, it still shocks me how my heart skips a beat now any time I see something baby boy themed.

Kate's mom put together this precious diaper bike made of diapers (duh), swaddle blankets, rattles, socks, a bottle brush, and a wipe holder for the seat.  And this Bunnies By The Bay Pacifier Holder that I've been wanting was the driver of the bike.

Sidenote on this pacifier holder: My niece Camille has the white version of this, and LOVES it.  The material is so soft, and I like that it's a little larger in size.   The hand on the bunny has a velcro closure, so that you can switch out pacifiers and remove them to wash.  It will also be good when weaning a baby off of a paci, because you can just remove the pacifier, and give them the bunny if they're wanting to be soothed.  Our dog George also has a mission to chew the nipple off of every pacifier, so I have a feeling we'll be switching them out quite frequently.

This is my niece Caroline, the daughter of T's sister and her husband.  At this age Caroline is looking just like T did as a toddler.  I am so curious if our son will have her same coloring, too!  She's the most precious little girl, so I definitely wouldn't hate it. :)

It was so great to see so many of my college and high school girlfriends and family.  Getting to see them and hear how excited they are to meet our son makes me even more ready to meet this little boy.  We've got just a month, or maybe even less, left!

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