Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Taking A Tumble + Recent Purchases

Hi there!  Today is my first day back to blogging after taking a break last week.  Last weekend I took a little tumble down some stairs- yes, every pregnant woman's worst nightmare- and I've been dealing with terrible back pain ever since.  Everything is okay with the baby, thank the LORD, but my body has been slow to heal.

I feel the need to share the whole story here. The embarrassing truth is, I was walking down the stairs with a doughnut in one hand and a glass of milk in the other with socks on my feet.  I lost my footing and hit the bottom three stairs on the center of my spine and left elbow.  The pain really wasn't that bad at the moment that it happened, but throughout that day it seemed to get worse and worse.  Every day I feel a little bit better, but I think it's going to be at least another week until I'm 100%.  I had already been dealing with lower back pain since about week 10 of my pregnancy, so this added middle back pain was not what I needed. 

So for the better part of last week, I stayed laid up on the couch not really wanting to move.  Since I had more time than usual on my hands, I decided to do some online shopping.   We have most of the big things purchased for the nursery (glider, ottoman, rug, crib, etc.) but now we're needing to pick out all the little things that will tie it all together.  We're going for a baby animal theme for the room which I thought was such an original idea, until I realized that everyone and their brother has a woodland themed nursery.  Oh well, it may not be original, but it's still so darn cute.

The one good thing about going with a popular theme is that it's been really easy to find things for the room that I love.  We ordered six of these prints to hang over the crib.  These prints were actually the initial inspiration for the room to begin with, so while they were a bit pricey, they were a must.  Once again, something I stumbled upon and loved, and have now realized so do thousands of other women on Pinterest.  

I also went ahead and purchased two sets of crib sheets from our baby registry.  I just couldn't wait to get them on the crib to see how they'd look, #nesting, it's a real thing.  I went with a safari print and grey trellis print

And then I bought a few items for myself, because you know, new things just make you feel better. I purchased this concealer after reading several good reviews about it, and so far I'm loving it.  It seems to stay on all day which I really appreciate, and has full coverage without being cakey.  I haven't been sleeping great lately, and the circles under my eyes really show it.  Thankfully this stuff has helped me cover those up. 

I also purchased a tube of this Lip Maximizer which should be coming in today.  I'm so excited to see how it works, because the reviews are all pretty great.  It's a bit pricey, but if it really makes my lips bigger, I'm all in. 

And lastly, I picked up a new pair of slippers.  Totally justifiable because I no longer allow myself to walk around the house sock-footed after my tumble.  They are so cushy and comfortable, I never want to take these things off.  The rubber soles provide the traction I need for my ever-changing center of balance.  And you can't get much better than LL Bean's lifetime warranty, their quality is insane.  
So there's a little peek of what I've been doing over the last week and a half.  Cleaning out my DVR, sitting on the couch with a heating pad on my back, and slowly draining my PayPal account on totally necessary purchases.  Hope y'all are having a great week! 

*some affiliate links have been used in this post

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