Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Kitchen Renovation

When we moved into our house over six months ago, the kitchen was the first room that we tackled.  We worked with contractors to get it 95% finished, and it was up to me to finish the remaining 5%.  And half a year later, I've finally gotten it done.  There are still things about the room that I'll probably end up changing at some point (like the cabinet and drawer pulls) but the room is finally fully functional.

The kitchen was by far the room that needed the most work.  Floral wallpaper, stained linoleum, fluorescent lighting, and a pink bathroom tile backsplash.  These are some of the pictures that were taken from the original house listing.  

We were able to keep the existing cabinetry which thankfully saved us some money, but everything else was replaced.  We replaced all appliances, new sink, hardwoods were installed, wallpaper removed, new backsplash, counters, pendant lighting, and can lighting replaced the fluorescent box light.  Oh, and we also decided at the last minute to install a little breakfast nook seat in the bay window.  Something I'm SO happy that we did. 

Since the breakfast nook was a last minute decision, we had very little money left in our budget to install something.  We originally got a quote for a fully finished boxed in window seat which would have been great, but was way over our budget.  Instead, we decided to get crafty, and I worked with our contractor to create a seat that was secured to the stud, reinforced by turned legs, and painted white to match the rest of the trim.  I stained some milk crates and attached casters to the bottom of them for some extra kitchen storage, and stuck those underneath.

Since the color pallet of the room is so white, I wanted our pendant lighting to be a focal point of the room, and bring a bit of color back in.  I fell in love with these copper pendant lights from Dot and Bo.  They're currently sold out of this exact style, but I included links to two very similar styles below.

One of the most useful parts of our kitchen isn't even really in the kitchen.  It's just around the corner in the adjoining laundry room.  We had a little bit of extra space in the room, so I decided to put a tall stainless rack in there to hold all of our pots, pans, and small appliances.   I have loved this thing.  It holds all the appliances that usually take up space all over the kitchen counter.  We even keep our toaster plugged in on the rack, so we don't have to move it every time we want toast.  Best $80 I've spent in a long time. 

Here's a list of the sources for everything in the room.  Affiliate links have been used.

Paint Color- Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray
Counters- Mont Blanc Marble
Sink- Home Depot
Faucet- Similar
Table and Chairs- Antique
Pendant Lighting-  Similar here and here
Boxwood Wreath- West Elm
Decorative Piece Over Microwave- My O'verlays
Utensil Holders- Similar
Copper Fruit Basket- Anthropologie
Outlet Covers- Amazon
Chrome Rack- Amazon


  1. Your kitchen looks fantastic - I love all of the finishes you chose! Beautiful!!

  2. Love how this turned out and that none of your appliances take up precious counter space!

  3. WOW, you guys did an AMAZING job!!! I love it, so perfect and SO much better!

  4. Your kitchen is dreamy!! I'm so in love with crisp white feel of the whole room.

  5. Gorgeous!!! Love the lighting and the window seat. We are in the process of or kitchen reno now and I cannot wait for it to be done!!

  6. Wow! Beautiful! With the changes you made, it even makes the cabinets look much brighter and even new themselves!

  7. GIRL! I LOVE everything. Every detail! From the white to the contrast of the fun and funky pendants. Amazing! Bravo!!! xx

  8. Your kitchen Reno is beautiful! How do you like the marble counters?


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