Monday, November 3, 2014

Weekend Recap

Most weekends seem to fly by, but for some reason this weekend seemed longer than usual.  I think it's because we packed so much into it that it seemed like there was an extra day in there somewhere.

This was our first Halloween in our house.  I had fun decorating for the holiday this year, and we were pumped about having trick-or-treaters.  On Friday, I made it a point to get home a little early, cut on our porch light, and opened the front door.  I waited and waited, and not a single kid came to our door!  So disappointing, and now T and I are stuck with a 5 lb bag of Kit Kats and Reese's. What a shame.

Later that night we went to a Halloween party at a friend's house.  T dressed up as Richard Simmons, and I was Jane Fonda.  Both of us were way out of our comfort zones with what we were wearing.  I've never worn something so skin tight in public, and this was the first (and hopefully the last) time T has ever worn shorts that short.  All of the costumes that night were on point.  I must say, we've got some pretty creative friends.

Sophia Grace and Rosie

Harry and Marv with Waldo photobombing

Double Dare Contestants

The Hamburgler
 On Saturday, I headed to Lake Hartwell with my bible study group for a retreat.  It was such a great getaway, and I loved getting to spend more time with these girls.  We completely unplugged for the two days that we were there, and spent the whole time eating junk food and playing games.  Very different from my typical weekends, but so needed.

On Sunday afternoon, T and I spent several hours in the yard raking up leaves.  10 wheelbarrow loads later, our yard is finally rid of all the leaves.  I'm hoping that that will last us for a few weeks, because after all of that raking I am sore!

Hope y'all had a great weekend, too! 


  1. Those were some awesome costumes!

  2. I was the same way, rushed home with a giant bag of candy and we had less than 10 kids. Where have all the trick or treaters gone?? lol I love yalls costumes! Fantastic!

  3. Your friends have the best costumes! We got the same thing, a 5 lb. bag of Reese's and Kit Kat, and we still have half of it left :(

  4. All the trick-or-treaters go to the neighborhoods that supposedly have the "best hauls." We made the (wrong) decision to start up on Earle St... you couldn't move there were so many people! Once we got out of that area it was almost empty - and better for the boys, because they got tons of candy at each house, plus people were so happy to see them. Lesson learned for these parents. Oh, and there might not have been an extra day this weekend, but there was an extra hour - you obviously used it well!


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