Tuesday, November 4, 2014

October Goals: Revisited

October was the first month that I've ever published goals for myself on my blog.  One of the things that I love most about blogging is that I feel like it holds me more accountable to follow through.  I set five goals for myself for the month, and I accomplished or made serious progress towards all of them!  Here's a rundown of the progress that was made towards each goal. 

1. Throw away/donate/consign 15 articles of clothing-  This was easier than I thought.  While getting my fall and winter clothes out of the attic this month, I ran across an entire plastic bin of clothes to get rid of.  So instead of donating 15 things, I made it about 35.

2. Fix the wall in our kitchen...again-  Progress has been made.  I put a layer of plaster on the wall, but it still needs to be sanded and repainted.  Hoping to have that done by the end of the week.

3. Make our yard and front stoop more inviting- We've had the same wreath hanging on our front door for about a year now, so it was high time to change it up.  I made a fall wreath for about $8 using this tutorial that I found on Pinterest. 

I also hung two baskets and planted mums in each.  These looked so great for about two weeks, but now the mums are done, and we've just go two empty baskets.  Any ideas on what to put in the baskets that may last through the winter?

4. Try 5 new recipes- I had fun with this goal.  Here are the new recipes that I tried:  1) Chicken and White Bean Enchiladas 2) Chinese 5 Spice Wings 3) Cilantro Lime Vinaigrette 4) Ina Garten's Meatloaf  and 5) Maple Glazed Pecans.  All five recipes were hits in our house, and will be added to our regular rotation.  I plan do to this again this month, too.

5. Do something with the box of crap in our guest room-   While the box hasn't made it all the way to Goodwill, it has made it's way to the trunk of my car.  Progress, right?

I'm so glad that I wrote about my goals for October, and I plan to do the same for this month.  Keeping myself accountable can be challenging, but putting my goals out there for everyone to see definitely makes it easier to accomplish them.  Stay tuned for my November goals later on this week. 


  1. I need to make our front door more inviting!! I am so bad about just throwing up a wreath and nothing else! I love your flowers - makes me want to add some to our steps!! That's great you tried 5 new recipes! They sound delicious!

  2. try pansies in your hanging baskets! they even like frost and snow! don't forget to water them though! ;)

  3. All of those recipes sound delicious! Love those hanging baskets.

  4. Way to go! The wreath is adorable. My best planters are geraniums... Even in chilly weather! I mix a blend of one or two shades of a pretty red or pink. Southern Living website has some great gardening tips too! Hope your November is equally productive and enjoyable :)

  5. Love that wreath! My mums didn't last very long either, so I'm on the hunt for some shade-loving plants to take their place. All those recipes sound so yummy, too!

    Heather | Style Prescription


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