Thursday, September 25, 2014

Giveaway! Ja-vie Flats

I do not, and never will, view myself as a fashion blogger.  I'm more of a comfortable and classic kind of girl. I buy things in hopes that I can wear them for the next 10 years.  Because of that, I never shun a shapeless top. Truly, half of my shirts will probably still fit me through my third trimester when I'm pregnant. 

So, posting about fashion is uncharted territory for me.  But what I can get behind is a comfortable, versatile, washable pair of shoes.

Enter Ja-vie flats.

I received my first pair of Ja-vies a few weeks ago, and I have absolutely loved them.  There was so much thought put into these flats.  They're made with a knit lining (similar to an ankle sock) with a jelly coating on the outside. The combination of the two makes them waterproof, super soft and flexible on your feet.  Inside, they have a leather cushioned insole with ball, arch, and heel support.  And get this, they're machine washable.  Just remove the leather insole and stick them in the washer. 


I've really enjoyed wearing these shoes to work because I can wear them all day long and they never hurt my feet.  I recently joined a gym, and I've been attending yoga and Pilates classes a couple times a week.  Any day I'm taking a class, I wear these shoes to work, because they transition perfectly to coordinating with my workout attire.  No more looking like a tool wearing yoga pants and kitten heels, thank goodness. 

 And now for the good stuff, from now until next Sunday Ja-vie is offering y'all free shipping on your orders, just enter the code REEDY at checkout.  And in addition to that, I'm partnering with my sister,  April of A. Liz Adventures, to give a pair away!  Just hop on over to her blog here, and leave a comment on her post telling us what color and pattern combo you'd like to see Ja-vie offer.  I personally would LOVE to see a tartan pair come out for fall.  I think they would look so cute with jeans!

Today Ja-vie is launching their new line, and they've got several new styles that I'm loving.  These leopard print ones are just calling my name. You can see all of their new line here.  Also, follow them on Facebook here and Instagram here for more information and deals.  Now hop on over to April's blog to enter the giveaway!


  1. I entered! Thanks for the hook-up!

  2. Shoes you can wash?! Umm hello, genius! I wear flats all the time to work and 12 hours of standing in some of my not-so supportive shoes can really kill my back. These are just the ticket!

    Heather | Style Prescription

  3. I am loving these shoes. But I think I love them so much because of your cute pictures!! Seriously though, they look great for both of yall. Crossing my toes ;)

  4. these sound amazing! flats you can wash? dreams do come true.


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