Thursday, December 19, 2013

House Update

Hey everyone!  My apologies for not blogging for a while.  Its been a crazy week for us.  We just got our internet hooked up, so hopefully I will be able to start blogging again soon.  Thank you to everyone for their sweet comments, we really appreciate it!

If you're curious, this is what our new house looks like. I have always said I wanted to live in a white house with black shutters, little did I know that would actually come true.  And don't you just love that red door? There is something that is just so classic about the combination.

We are having people over for the first time tonight.  Ambitious, right?  Wish me luck!  I've got a lot to do before this evening.


  1. So cute! I totally missed the announcement!

  2. Congrats! I won't say that our red door "sold" me but it certainly helped! Your house is perfect!

  3. How stinking cute!!! LOVE it!! Congratulations!!

  4. super cute!! you must be in an older section of greenville. i love that town and it's quaintness!! LOVE that red door! I too dream of living in a white house with black shutters and a red door! I hope you do a house tour when you get everything unpacked and situated! Merry Christmas! :)

  5. How pretty!!! I absolutely love it. Nick and I are hoping to buy our first house soon!


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