Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Wedding Wednesday: Our Ceremony

We wanted our ceremony to be two things: short and sweet. Our reception venue had an area upstairs that was perfect for a ceremony space.  It's a large room surrounded by floor-to-ceiling windows over looking the downtown area and the Reedy River.

To set the tone for the rest of the evening, we decided to serve champagne at the ceremony. T and I both wanted our wedding to be fun for everyone, and what better way to do that than start the night with a little champagne buzz? I also decided to forgo programs. With our ceremony lasting about 20 minutes, they seemed unnecessary. 

T's cousin Brant officiated.  It was great to have someone that close to us officiate our wedding.  He did a great job and added a personal touch by telling some cute stories of T's childhood.  Embarrassing for him, I'm sure. But the guests got a laugh out of it.

 I hired a string duo for our ceremony music.  I chose pretty traditional music for the processional and seating of the mothers.  For the recessional, we decided to go a little non-traditional and walked out "All You Need Is Love" by the Beetles.

After the ceremony, we decided to have a receiving line.  Probably the best decision I made.  Our reception space was downstairs so the two of us and our parents stood at the top of the stairs and greeted everyone as they came down.  It was the perfect opportunity to say "hello" and "thank you for coming" to each guest.  We had 150 guests and this process took about 20 minutes.

We set our thumbprint tree guestbook out close to that space so while the guests were waiting to talk to us they could sign it.

After the receiving line, we were able to sit down with plates of food and drinks with just the two of us.  It was so nice just to sit down for a few minutes and take very shallow breaths in my tight wedding dress breath.  We finished our meals, went downstairs to be introduced, and danced the night away!


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