Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Wedding Wednesday: Our First Look

I was all for getting pictures done before the reception on our wedding day.  I knew once the ceremony was over T and I would want to start the celebrations, and so would the rest of our bridal party.  We still wanted to have a special moment with the two of us that day, so we decided to do a first look.  I absolutely loved that we did this.  It took away all most of the nerves I had about walking down the aisle.  I wasn't nervous about the marriage itself, just having 300+ eyes on you- that scares me. 

T and I decided to forgo wedding gifts.  While it is a great tradition, it is also an expensive one.  I did surprise him with a small gift though, and decided to make it a part of our first look.  If you know T, then you know that he is a HUGE Clemson football fan.  I was able to pull some strings and get him a football signed by Clemson's coach Dabo Swinney.  He absolutely loved it.

I loved that our photographer and videographer also arranged to have a first look with my dad.  That moment was just as special, and I'm so glad that we have the moment captured on film!


  1. Love this! Great pictures!! We also did a first look with each other and with my dad, and passed on wedding gifts :)

  2. I'm loving the back of your dress--GORGEOUS! I love that you got your hubby a signed football! I'll look past the fact that it's from Clemson, since it's such an awesome wedding gift!


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