Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Knacktastic: A Visit to Barb Blair's Creative Studio

Last week I visited Knack Studios, located in the Pendleton Arts District of Greenville.  Knack, owned by Barb Blair, is a working studio where Barb creates fabulous furniture and other unique home accessories.  I learned about her studio from an article I read in the February 2011 Southern Living Magazine. I was most interested in her cake plates after seeing one of them at Antiques On Augusta, where some of her creations are sold.  I wanted to get a few for my sister April as a wedding gift.  These are the ones that I decided on. 
Aren't they great?  They are all made from vintage plates, and create a perfect set.  I planned on surprising April with these at her bridal shower, and hoped that she'd be able to use them for the reception as well. (See how this went in my next post) Barb's studio is so cool.  You can tell how incredibly creative she is just by stepping foot into her studio.  My favorite was a paper moose head mounted on the wall.
I also loved the words of inspiration all around too, it generates such a perfect environment for creativity and imagination.
 If you're interested in Barb's creations, you can find them at her Etsy Shop and at Antiques on Augusta in Greenville.  Studio visits are by appointment only.  Visit her website here.  Thanks again, Barb!


  1. Thank you so much for this lovely post! It was so great to meet you!

    Hope the cake plates were a hit!


  2. I love her work!!! I want to live in her studio ;) Thank you for showcasing beautiful and thoughtful artwork instead of the traditional southern kitsch "art" that I have been seeing since I moved to the Greenville area.

    Art and Love


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